Change Starts Within. Are You Ready?

Located just north of Toronto, Canada, Oneness
is a beautiful 25 acre retreat centre designed to create an
effective space to explore consciousness.

Our Story

Oneness is a center for consciousness exploration. We hold consciousness expanding events at our beautiful 25 acre property north of Toronto. At these events, you will receive powerful training, profound shifts in consciousness, learn new metaphysical techniques, and build deep and lifelong connections. Our events are designed to help you multiply your worldly impact and expand your being.

Each event is limited to 11-15 spots. This creates a highly intimate and truly authentic experience. We want to create real results and bring people closer together, and we believe doing so takes quality time with one another.

We are devoted to aiding the global community to thrive, maintain a healthy lifestyle, create a relationship with oneself and shape a better world together through oneness consciousness & heart-based actions. We encourage all to take their time here to dive deep & reflect while enjoying the vast beauty that is surrounding & within us at this time.

The space was created and is held by Joe Martino & Collective Evolution, a grassroots organization created in 2009 which is now one of the world’s most popular conscious media and education platform. The teachings and vision of Franco DeNicola have inspired the work of CE and the creation of Oneness.

Our Philosophy

Oneness Consciousness

We're helping to shift Earth's towards oneness consciousness. Our mission is to live from the heart and assist others in doing the same. Heart-based living is natural through Oneness consciousness.

Organic Plant-Based Food

Our menu features high quality organic food that's plant based. This helps keep guests as attuned and clear as possible during events.

Clean, Natural Water

Drinking water and all showering water is from our natural drilled well. Oneness is located in the 'Headwaters' of Ontario where water quality is extremely high. No chlorine or fluoride, ever.

High Vibration

We put a lot of love and care into keeping the property vibing high. Regular meditations, intention setting and energy work is done to keep an amazing energy. No alcohol, cannabis or mind altering substances are used on the property.


At Oneness we practice Thrivability. This means we only use products and practices that are not only sustainable and harmonious with nature and humans, but that create the opportunity for us and nature to truly thrive.

Upcoming Event

Journey Into You

with Dulce Ruby

May 20 - 23 2017

International meditation guide Dulce Ruby takes you on an adventure deep into you. Helping you master the skills of meditation, lucid dreaming, mirror work and more.

This 2 day event will help you move past stress, confusion and anxiety and bring you into an intense vibe of oneness consciousness.

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